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Are you stressed out within your already busy life, thinking about all the ways your quest for building your New Home could go wrong..?

  • Are you unsure where to begin?

  • Are you anxious about managing the whole process on your own and having to deal with the burden of making sure your build remains within its time frame and budget?

  • Does the whole process just seem intimidating and too much hard work?

  • Do you have lingering doubts, that something is bound to go wrong?

Whatever your concerns might be, STOP..! Don’t stress your mind out any further… put a SMILE on your face… Why?

NuHomes and Renovations Ltd are here to HELP! We will manage your whole build process for you from start to finish and can confidently guarantee you a successful build within the estimated TIME FRAME and BUDGET!

At NuHomes & Renovations, we are passionate about the work we provide and therefore understand the huge commitment you have made taking the leap to achievening your quest for a new built home. It’s not easy and we fully understand the significance of the massive financial investment you have just decided to take on. Therefore at NuHomes & Renovations we would like to reassure you that we will be there with you at every step of your build, giving you the added comfort knowing your build is taken care of completely by skilled professionals.

Having over 17+ years experience in the building industry, has given us the opportunity to positively impact lives, delivering on quality work and high end results, and thus becoming Rotorua’s leading New Build specialists. We have proudly completed projects in varying sizes, ranging from small home projects to multi-million dollar builds. We are fully qualified and capable of handling any type of New Build, and guarantee you that your build is in perfect hands.

The success of your New Build solely rests on having the right professional and skilled building team take charge of your project and simplify an already complex process of building a New Home for you. Therefore we recommend your very first step moving forward is to pick an architect to draw up your vision onto paper. Once you have your dream drawn out it will give you the opportunity to have a better overview of your build and prepare you for what’s to come. At NuHomes & Renovations we have a comprehensive list of highly capable and professional architects you could pick from. However, if you already have an architect you would like to work with, NuHomes & Renovations will be more then happy to work side by side with them to deliver on your DREAM.

We pride ourselves on always being transparent with the service we provide you, therefore we would like to fore warn you that with any type of new build there could be unforeseen variations that could arise. But not to worry we have you covered, if there is any variations that do occur we will give you ample of time to make a well informed decision on how you would like to proceed. Additionally, we have in place our Quality Assurance checklist that ensures nothing gets missed when it comes to your New Build. Furthermore, our custom designed scheduling and budgeting system will help ensure that your build will be completed within the agreed scheduled time frame and budget.

At NuHomes & Renovations, we believe having effective communication with you is the key to achieving a successful end result. Therefore, we schedule weekly progress meetings onsite, taking you through the progress your build has made, including updates on where your budget has been spent. We will also cover any unplanned and unexpected costs that we might or have encountered with your build, giving you complete oversight and transparency of the whole build process. For more information about our mode of operation, click on our how we work with you page to inform you further on how the build process works for you.

Our company has been built on values of taking pride in the work we provide, having integrity, being flexible and highly organized. If you desire an outstanding service built on innovation, perfect organization, and custom built new homes that mirror your vision and deliver on your dream, look no further… We are realistic, transparent, professional and highly skilled individuals, you will never go wrong choosing NuHomes & Renovations, Rotorua’s leading New Build specialists.

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    On top of the standard Certified Builders Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee, we offer our very own NuHomes & Renovations Extra Mile Guarantee to ensure you receive nothing but the best service when you work with us.


    We set high standards for ourselves internally, so that you receive the quality workmanship during your project. You will find the finest construction techniques and products in our projects, that’s because we employ the best craftspeople and trade contractors.


    Your happiness and satisfaction is our top priority. At NuHomes & Renovations you are going to find honesty, integrity and superior customer service.


    We at NuHomes & Renovation are very flexible. For Example – If you want to buy your own taps and provide them to us so that you can save a bit of money. NO PROBLEM!


    We are members of the New Zealand Certified Builders Association. Established in 1998, one of the main objectives of NZCB inc is: “To provide New Zealand consumers with the assurance that our members are trade qualified builders who adhere to strict guidelines for standards and workmanship and business practice.”


    At NuHomes & Renovations we have Licenced Building Practitioners. “Hiring good professionals to help you can be crucial to the whole building experience. Licenced building practitioners (LBPs) have undergone a robust application process, including a written application, verbal testing by proficient assessors, and referees’ confirmation of their work. They keep up with the changing industry and undergo continuous skills maintenance.”


Nuhomes & Renovations have been in the industry for over 7+ years servicing Rotorua with high end RENOVATIONS and NEW BUILDS.

Prior to this we were called JM Builders BOP Limited. However this year we decided to change our company name to NuHomes & Renovations to reflect the growth and expansion of our company and to better align our name with the scope of services we provide you from high end RENOVATIONS to architecturally NEW BUILDS.

Over the years we have established a great working relationship with our customers and developed a base of highly skilled subcontractors who have proven themselves to be reliable and trustworthy.

We are business members of the New Zealand Certified Builders Association, providing the additional assurance to our clients that their investments will be protected as we can offer the best building guarantee in the industry.

We take PRIDE in every job we manage and our COMMITMENT to QUALITY control; COMMUNICATION, HIGHLY SKILLED builders and giving you a HASSLE FREE experience is what sets us apart from the rest.


Our Team

Professional & Easy

We love to have a professional and personal approach when working with you.
We will discuss your requirements directly with you,
So we can give you the best results as we are working together.
We are certified LBP’s and we are business members of the NZCB.

Our Guarantee

Certified & Personal

On top of the standard Certified Builders Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee,
We offer our very own NuHomes & Renovations Extra Mile Guarantee
To ensure you receive nothing but the best service when you work with us.

Our Work

Skilled & Quality Finish

We set high standards for ourselves internally,
so that you receive the quality workmanship during your project.
You will find the finest construction techniques and products in our projects
That’s because we employ the best craftspeople and trade contractors.


resize_NZCB Logo FINAL_BLACKThis is the first time we will talk to you. During this call we will ask you some detailed questions about your project, so we can then provide you with the best advice and book you in for your first consultation.

service2During this 1hour free consultation we will get as much information as possible to fully understand your situation. We will discuss your expectations, the resources you have available, time frames etc. During this meeting we encourage you to bring any ideas, house plans, section information or any relevant information.

coastal_ponga1403134526If you haven’t got house plans yet, we can put you in touch with a number of talented architects or draughtsmen that we work alongside with and who will take it to council approval stage..

downloadOnce you are happy with the solutions provided and our final quote, we will provide you with:
A Certified Builders comprehensive contract
A 10 year Certified Builders guarantee application
Confirmed start & finish date

JM-029On receipt of required documentation, payment of deposit and council consent, the construction commences.
You will be kept fully informed of how the building work is progressing. Naturally you are welcome to ring us, and organise an extra meeting at any time.

3When all works are completed, council inspections have been finalised and building approved, you will be invited for a final walk through with your building foreman.
Once you are fully satisfied your project is complete, final payments are completed, all of the boxes are ticked, we will provide you with the guarantees, certificates and information relating to your building project.

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