This is my first time building where do I start?
A You should start by giving Jamie Mear a call, NuHomes & Renovations having more then 17 years experience in the building industry can assure you that we will give you the best advice that will guide you through the entire building process from start to finish.
Will I need a building consent for my build?
AMajority of building work you do from New Build to Renovations requires consent at each stage of your project. Whether it be structural, roofing or even moving services, they will all require you to obtain consent. Therefore it would be very vital that you give NuHomes & Renovationsa call from the very start, our experience in the building industry has given us the experience in handling all kinds of builds.
Why is it important to select a Certified Builder?
A 1 main reason you would choose a Certified Builder because only they can provide you comfort in the knowledge that your builder is trade qualified and offers the protection of consumer friendly building contracts. With a Certified Builder, you will also be provided with their Halo 10 year Residential Guarantee.
How can I keep my project within our budget?
A Being in the building industry for over 17 years has really given us the opportunity to understand the whole build process therefore we always recommend you our clients to enter into a full building contract which will enable you to know exactly what the cost will be for your project which would give you a better understanding of your build process.
Do I get a guarantee?

The answer is YES! NuHomes & Renovations will firstly provide you with our very own Extra Mile Guarantee to cover your project from start to finish and for your added protection because we are Certified Builders you will receive their Halo 10 year Residential Guarantee.

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